TAIR: Elen

A storytelling weekend in north west Wales, for women, Friday 31st May – Sunday 2nd June 2024 Penwythnos chwedleua yng Nghymru gogledd-orllewin, ar gyfer fenywod, 31 Mai – 2 Mehefin 2024 TAIR: A year and a day of women’s stories, inspired by the work of storyteller Esyllt Harker The show TAIR: Daughters of Earth and Time was created… Continue reading TAIR: Elen

Winner 2023 Ennillydd

Announcing the award winner of the Gwobr Esyllt Prize. Yn datgan ennillydd y Wobr Esyllt Prize photographer Michael Matthew Claire Mace (Cymraeg islaw) We are delighted to be working with Claire over the next 2 years. Singer, storyteller, yoga teacher and Welsh language learner Claire Mace was born near Aberdeen and is now based in Bethesda in… Continue reading Winner 2023 Ennillydd

Secrets and Silences

The Gwobr Esyllt Prize supports a woman storyteller from Wales in the development of their storytelling work. Announced at the Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival, the prize includes the opportunity to present the results at the following festival usually 2 years later. Mae’r Wobr Esyllt Prize yn cefnogi chwedlwraig o Gymru i ddatblygu ei… Continue reading Secrets and Silences

Winner 2021 Ennillydd

Gwobr Esyllt Prize 2021 Secrets and Silences Deb Winter and Ailsa Mair present their new work, resulting from the 2021 Gwobr Esyllt Prize, at 1.30pm on Sunday 9th July 2023 at the Beyond the Border Festival. Bydd Deb Winter a Ailsa Mair yn cyflwyno gwaith newydd yn deillio o Gwobr Esyllt Prize 2021 am 1.30-2.30… Continue reading Winner 2021 Ennillydd