28/02/2023 18.00-19.00 Cymru

Storytelling and Climate Justice 

Bethan James will make a short presentation on her Arts Council Wales Project ‘Retelling Welsh Myths for a Greener Future,’ to sow the seeds of a Chwedl discussion about storytelling’s role in climate action.

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Chwedleua a Chyfiawnder Hinsawdd

Bydd Bethan James yn rhoi cyflwyniad fyr ar Prosiect Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru “Ailadrodd Mythau Cymraeg ar gyfer Dyfodol Gwyrddach” er mwyn plannu hadau trafodaeth

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International Women’s Day and a workshop with Christina Watkin

Dyma beth sy ar y gweill i chi gyda Chwedl: 

Nos Fawrth 8 Mawrth @ 8gh:  Cylch Siarad

Ddathlu Diwrnod Rhyngwladol Merched gyda Chwedl. 

Ymunwch â ni dros hud a lledrith Zoom i gymdeithasu, rhannu syniadau, cael ein hysbrydoli a chysylltu ag aelodau eraill Chwedl. Yn rhad ac am ddim.

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Tuesday 8 March @ 8pm:  Talking Circle

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Chwedl. 

Join us by the magic of Zoom to socialise, share ideas, get inspired and connect with other Chwedl members. 

There is no charge.  Email to get the zoom link, which will be sent to you during the first week of March.

HOME – Here On Mother Earth

A weekend face-to-face meeting for the Chwedl network – Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April 2022.

Christina Watkins ( will be leading this two-day session, based on the themes of Storytelling and the Environment and Ritual. 

This weekend is open to women storytellers, and storytellers who identify as women, of all levels of experience and will include time to work singly, in pairs and as a group. . Each day will run from 10am-4pm at The Atrium (University of South Wales), in central Cardiff.

Cost: £75, which includes a contribution for the Gwobr Esyllt Prize.

Please email to reserve your place. 

There are three bursaries available for people to join at a reduced price of £25 for those who would otherwise struggle to join us. If you would like to be considered for this, please email by 28th February 2022. (You do not need to provide any reasons for your request).

A small amount of accommodation is available in Cardiff in the homes of Chwedl members – please let us know asap if you would like a room.

If you would like to offer or request shared transport, please let us know that, too

We are confident that this event will go ahead, but given the changing Covid restrictions, we will aim to confirm at least one month before the 23rd April.

This event is open to all women and those who identify as women.

From Christina: H O M E (Here on Mother Earth)

This weekend is an opportunity to explore our individual paths as storytellers and how these paths may connect us into the wider web of story. It is open to storytellers of all levels of experience and will include time to work singly, in pairs and as a group.  It will be possible for those who want to work in Welsh during the sessions to do so.

Within the context of working with landscape and ritual, our main focus will be on stories that concern Home. A word small as a nutshell and wide as the world. Matters we explore may include the following:

Home – what is it? where is it?

We may consider stories (and there are many) where we need to get home… or where home is lost to us in some way… or where we cannot or do not wish to leave home… We will follow these stories along their tracks a little way

During the course of the weekend you may choose to work with a story you already have ‘in progress’ in some way, or a tale you are devising, or with an image that has newly occurred to you. (there will be more details about ‘what to bring’ when you book).

Day 1 (Saturday)

While we’re here let’s Look Around…”

We will look with new eyes at our landscape-in-story and see how we may use some ritual elements to make our home for the day. We will consider how to start from where we are.

Day 2 (Sunday)

“…so that we can Speak our Ground”

We will continue to explore through story how we may each voice our connections, separations, exile and belonging. We will conclude with a shared ritual to connect us to this particular Home of storytelling that we have co-created.

ps. *H O M E (Here on Mother Earth) is a theme I am exploring in different ways this year, and it will be a joy to share ideas with you all over this weekend. (*Thanks to Sue Quatermass, queen of acronyms, for the umbrella title!)

23 & 24 Mis Ebrill @ 10-4: HOME – Mamddear ar lafar

Cyfarfod wyneb yn wyneb dros benwythnos ar gyfer rhywdwaith Chwedl – Dydd Sadwrn 23edd a Dydd Sul 24edd Ebrill 2022

Bydd Christina Watkins ( yn arwain y ddau ddiwrnod hwn, fydd yn seiliedig ar themau Chwedleua a’r Amgylchedd a Chwedleua a Defod.

Mae’r penwythnos yn agored i chwedlwragedd o bob lefel o brofiad a bydd yn cynnwys amser i weithio ar eich pen eich hun, mewn parau ac fel grwp,  Bydd pob diwrnod yn parhau o 10yb-4gh yn yr Atrium (Prifysgol De Cymru) yng nghanol Caerdydd.

Pris: £75, sydd yn cynnwys cyfraniad tuag at Wobr Esyllt Prize.

Ebostiwch i fwcio’ch lle.

This course has been arranged by Chwedl, the network of women storytellers in Wales.